Goode Brothers is bringing a taste of Italy to you with each establishment offering a different set menu based on one of Italy's regional cuisines.

Think fresh and tasty veges, flavoursome cheeses and cured meats combined in a simple way that maximises both flavour and fragrance.

Best of all, if you book online for a set menu, you'll get a complimentary focaccia bread to start your menu.

If you're feeling particularly Italian, choose one of our Italian wines to enjoy with your set menu because when in Rome...

A Taste Of Rome At Botany

Roman Set Menu | Italian Restaurant Botany

Mama mia! Have we got a lot of amoré for Goode Brothers Botany's set menu. Fresh, simple, fragrant and flavoursome are all very goode words to describe this menu.

See Goode Brothers Botany's Taste of Rome Set Menu

A Taste Of Genoa At New Lynn

Genoa Set Menu |Italian Restaurants West Auckland

A bellissimo set menu, straight from Gonoa. Known for their refinement of minestroni and ravioli, you're in for a pretty goode treat.

See Goode Brothers New Lynn's Genoan Set Menu

A Taste Of Napoli At NorthWest

Napolitan Set Menu | Italian Restaurants West Auckland

 Traditionally known for its local, rural ingredients packs full of nutrition and influenced by the diverse cultures that occupied Naples over the centuries, get ready for a whirlwind of flavours that's sure to leave a goode taste in your mouth.

See Goode Brothers NorthWest's Napolitan Set Menu

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